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Year Event
1751 Francesco Geminiani: "The Art of Playing on the Violin"
1751 Handel: "Jephta," Oratorio
1751 The minuet becomes Europe's fashionable dance
1751 "War of the Operas" (La Guerre des Bouffons) divides Paris into pro-Italian and pro-French factions
1752 Muzio Clementi, Italian composer, born
1752 Charles Avison: "Essay on Musical Expression"
1752 Sebastien Erard, French manufacturer of Pianofortes, born
1752 Rousseau: "Le devin du village"
1753 Johann Schenck, Austrian composer, born
1753 Gottfried Silbermann, German organ builder, dies
1753 Giovanni Viotti, Italian violinist and composer, born
1754 Vicente Martin y Soler, Spanish composer, born
1755 Maurice Green, English organist and composer, dies
1755 Giovanni Battista Sammartini, Italian composer and organist, dies
1755 Egidio Romoaldo Duni: "Ninette a la cour"
1756 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer, born
1756 Leopold Mozart: " Versuch einer grundlichen Violinschule"
1757 Niccolo Pasquali, Italian violinist and composer, dies
1757 Ignaz Pleyel, French Austrian composer and pianoforte maker, born
1757 First public concert in Philadelphia
1757 Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer, dies
1757 Johann Stamitz, German composer, dies'
1758 First English manuel on guitar playing published
1758 Karl Friedrich Zelter, German composer, friend of Goethe, born
1759 Handel dies
1759 Haydn: Symphony no 1 in D major
1760 William Boyce collection of cathedral music
1760 Luigi Cherubini, Italian composer, born
1760 Haydn: Symphonies 2 to 5
1760 Noverre, ballet master at Stuttgart, publishes his "Letter on Dancing and Ballets"
1761 Thomas Augustine Arne: "Judith," oratorio, London
1761 Johann Ludwig Dussek, Bohemian composer, born
1761 Gluck: "Don Juan," ballet ,Vienna
1761 Haydn appointed Kapellmeister to PRince Paul Esterhazy
1762 Thomas Augustine Arne: "Artaxerxes," opera, Covent Garden, London
1762 Benjemin Franklin improves the harmonica, turning it into a practical musical instrument
1762 Gluck: "Orpheus and Euridice," opera, Vienna
1762 Mozart (age six) tours Europe as musical prodigy
1762 St. Cecilia Society active in Charleston, SC
1763 Adalbert Gyrowetz, Bohemian composer, born
1763 Etienne Mehul, French composer, born
1764 J.C. Bach gives popular recitals in London
1764 Haydn:Symphony no 22 in E Flat ( "The Philosopher")
1764 Mozart (age eight) writes his first symphony
1764 Rameau, French composer, dies
1765 Thomas Attwood, English composer and organist, born
1765 Daniel Steibelt, German composer and pianist, born
1766 Nicola Porpora, Italian composer, dies
1766 Haydn: Great Mass in E Flat (no 4 with organ)
1767 Gluck: "Alceste," Burgtheater, Vienna
1767 Rousseau: "Dictionnaire de musique"
1767 Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer, dies; Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach becomes his sucessor as director of church music in Hamburg
1768 Jomelli:"Fetonte," opera, Stuttgart
1768 Mozart's first produced opera "Bastien and Bastienne" given in Vienna
1769 Bonifacio Asioli, Italian music scholar and composer, born
1769 Joseph Elsner, German - Polish composer, Chopin's teacher, born
1770 Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer, born
1770 Gluck: "Paride ed Elena," opera, Vienna
1770 Handel's "Messiah," first performed in New York
1770 Haydn: "La Pescatrice," opera buffa
1770 Giuseppe Tartini, Italian composer and violinist, dies
1771 Haydn: "Sun" quartets (nos 25-30)
1771 Piccini: "Le Finte Gemelle," Rome
1772 Flight and Kelly, London firm of organ builders produces first barrel organs
1772 First German performance of Handel's "Messiah"
1772 Haydn: six symphonies, OP. 20
1772 Mozart: "lucio Silla," opera, Milan
1773 Johann Joachim Quantz, German flautist and composer, dies
1773 Charles Burney: " The Present State of Music in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Provinces"
1773 The Waltz becomes fashionable in Vienna
1774 Gluck: "Iphigenie en Aulide," Paris
1775 K.P.E. Bach: "Die Israeliten in der Wuste" oratorio
1775 Francois-Adrien Boieldieu, French opera composer, born
1775 Mozart: "La Finta Giardiniera," opera buffa, Salzburg


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