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Year Event
1701 Giuseppe Aldrovandini, Italian composer, dies
1701 Music publisher Henry Palyford establishes a series of weekly concerts at Oxford
1702 N.A. de Le Begue, French organist and composer, dies
1703 Nicolas de Grigny, French composer,dies
1704 J.S. Bach writes his first cantata "Denn Du wirst meine Seele"
1704 Jeremiah Clarke becomes organist at Chapel Royal
1704 Handel: "St. John Passion"
1704 H.I.F. von Biber, German composer and violinist, dies
1705 Young J.S. Bach walks 200 miles to Lubeck to hear the Abendmusiken, directed by Buxtehude
1705 Farinelli (Carlo Broschi), great Italian castrato singer, born
1705 Handel: "Almira," opera staged in Hamburg
1706 Johann Pachelbel, German organist and composer, dies
1707 Dietrich Buxtehude, Danish-German composer, dies
1707 Handel visits venice, meets Domenico Scarlatti
1707 Great German organ builder Gottfried Silbermann builds his first organ at Frauenstein, Saxony
1708 Giuseppe Torelli, Italian composer, dies
1708 John Blow, English composer, dies
1708 Handel visits Rome and Naples
1709 "Malbrouk' s'en va-t-en guerre" ("For he's a jolly good fellow") becomes increasingly popular after battle of Malplaquet - but it's doubtful whether "Malbrouk" refers to the Duke of Marlborough
1709 Invention of the pianoforte; the great Italian harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori makes 4 "gravicembali col piano e forte"
1709 Franz Xaver Richter, German composer, born
1710 Thomas Augustine Arne, English composer, born
1710 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, eldest son of Johann Sebastian, born
1710 William Boyce, English composer, born
1710 Handel becomes Kapellmeister to the elector prince, George of Hanover; on a visit to London he completes in 14 days score of "Rinaldo," given at Queen's theatre
1710 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Italian composer, born
1711 Clarinet for the first time in an orchestra (in J.A. Hasse's opera "Croesus")
1711 Handel: "Rinaldo", opera
1711 English trumpter John Shore said to have invented the tuning fork
1712 Arcangelo Corelli: "12 Concerti grossi"
1712 Handel: "Il Pastor fido," opera (London)
1713 Arcangelo Corelli, Italian composer, dies
1714 Handel: "Utrecht Te Deum"
1714 School of Dance established at Paris Opera
1714 Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Bach's second son, born
1714 Christoph Willibold Gluck, German composer, born
1715 Vaudevilles, popular musical comedies, appear in Paris
1716 Couperin: "L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin"
1717 J.S. Bach: "Orggelbucklein," 46 chorales for organ
1717 Handel's "Water Music" first preformed on the Thames
1717 Johann Stamitz, Bohemian composer, violinist and conductor, born
1717 "The Loves of Mars and Venus," ballet, given at Drury lane, London, by John Weaver
1718 Handel succeeds John Chritopher Pepusch as Kapellmeister to the Duke of Chandos
1718 Johann Gottfried Muthel, German composer and organist, born
1719 Dimitrie Cantemir, Rumanian musician, writes first book on Turkish music, "Tratat de musica Turceasea"
1719 Handel becomes director of Royal Academy of Music, London
1719 Leopold Mozart born
1720 Handel: Harpsichord suite no 5 ( with the "Harmonius Blacksmith")
1721 J.S. Bach: "The Brandenburg Concertos"
1721 Barberina Campanini, Italian dancer, born
1721 Handel: "Acis and Galatea" serenata
1721 Georg Philipp Telemann arrives in Hamburg as the director of music
1722 J.S. Bach: "Das wohltemperierte Kalvier," vol 1
1722 Johann Mattheson: "Critica Musica," on musical criticism
1722 Rameau: "Traite de L' harmonie"
1723 J.S. Bach: "St. John Passion"
1723 Bach appointed Thomascanter in Leipzig after Teleman refuses post
1723 Handel: "Ottone," opera, London
1724 Johann Theile, German singer and composer, dies
1724 Couperin: "Le Parnasse, ou L'Apotheose de Corelli"
1724 Handel:"Giulio Cesare," Opera, London
1724 Three Choirs Festival founded for Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester
1725 Bach: "Notenbuch" for Anna Magdalena Bach
1725 J.J. Fux "Gradus ad Parnassum," Treatise on counterpoint
1725 Handel: "Rodelinde," opera, London
1725 First public concert given in Paris by A.D. Philidor
1725 Prague opera house founded (Standetheater)
1725 Alessandro Scarlatti, Italian composer, dies


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