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Year Event
1651 Heinrich Albert, German composer, dies
1651 The young King Louis XIV of France appears as a dancer in a court ballet
1652 Gregorio Allegri, Italian tenor and composer dies
1652 John Hilton:"Catch as catch can," collection of catches, rounds and canons
1652 The minuet comes into fashion at French court
1652 First opera house in Vienna
1653 Arcangelo Corelli, Italian composer, born
1653 Matthew Locke's music for James Shirley's masque, "Cupid and Death"
1653 Lully made director of "les petits-violins du roi"
1653 Johann Pachelbel, German composer and organist, born
1654 Samuel Scheidt, German composer and organist, dies
1655 Sigmund Gottlieb Staden, German composer and organist, dies
1656 Opening fo first London opera house
1656 "The Siege of Rhodes," opera with music by Matthew Locke and others, given at Rutland House, London
1657 Michel de Lalande, French composer and organist, born
1657 Adam Kreiger:"Deutsche Lieder"
1658 Johann Caspar von Kerll "Applausi Festivi," opera, Munich
1659 Henry Purcell, English composer, born
1659 Allesandro Scarlatti, Italian composer, born
1660 Cavalli:"Serse," Opera for the marraige of Louis XIV
1660 Johann Joseph Fux, Austrian composer and music theorist born
1661 Academie Royale di Danse founded by Louis XIV
1661 Matthew Locke made court composer to Charles II
1661 Edward Lowe:"Short Direction for the Performance of Cathedral Services," to revive organ accompaniment suppressed during commonwealth
1662 Johann Cruger, German composer dies
1662 Cavalli: "Ercole amante,"Italian baller opera, ( performed in Paris)
1663 Marc' Antonio Cesti: "La Dori," Italian opera
1663 James Clifford: "The Divine Services and Anthems," first collection of words and anthems published in London
1663 Lully: "Le Ballet des arts"
1664 French horn becomes an orchestral instrument
1664 Heinrich Schutz: "Christmas Oratorio," Dresden
1665 Giuseppe Aldrovandini, Italian composer, born
1665 Heinrich Schutz: "Johannes Passion"
1666 Marc' Antonio Cesti made court Kappelmeister in Vienna
1666 Adam Kreiger, German composer, dies
1666 Heinrich Schutz: " Historia des Leidens und Sterbens unsers Herrens Jesu Christi"
1666 Antonio Stradivari labels his first violin
1667 Johann Jakob Froberger, German composer, dies
1667 Carlo Pallavicino becomes court Kapellmeister in Dresden
1668 Dietrich Buxtehude becomes organist of St. Mary's, Lubeck
1668 Francois Couperin, French composer, born
1668 Thomas Tomkins: "Musica Deo sacra" (posth.)
1669 Royal patent for founding Academie Royale des Operas granted to Pierre Perrin
1669 Marc' Antonio Cesti, Italian composer, dies
1669 Matthew Locke: "The Treasury of Musick"
1670 John Blow becomes organist of Westminster Abbey
1671 Paris Opera opened with Robert Cambert's opera "Pomone"
1671 Francesco (son of Antonio) Stradivari, Italian violin maker, born
1672 First public concert at Whitefriars, London, given by violinist John Banister
1672 Heinrich Schutz, German composer, dies
1673 Buxtehude begins at Lubeck his famous "Abendmusiken" concerts
1673 Matthew Locke: "The Present Practice of Music Vindicated"
1673 Lully: " Cadmus et Hermoine," opera, first given in Paris
1674 John Wilson, English singer and composer, dies
1674 Giacomo Carissimi, Italian composer, dies
1674 Reinhard Keiser, German composer, born
1674 Lully: "Alceste," opera Paris
1675 Andreas Hammerschmidt, German church composer, dies
1675 Matthew Locke: "incidental music to Thomas Shadwell's "Psyche"
1675 Antionio Vivaldi, Italian composer, born



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