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Year Event
1626 Professorship of music founded at Oxford University by William Heather
1626 Giovanni Legrenzi, Italian composer born
1627 Heinrich Shcutz:"Dafne, first german opera, libretto by Martin Opitz, given at Torgau
1627 Lodivico Viadan, Italian composer, dies
1628 John Bull, English composer, dies
1628 Robert Cambert, French composer, born
1628 Marco da Gagliano:"Flora," opera
1628 Heinrich Schutz becomes Monteverdi's pupil at Venice
1629 Paolo Agostini, Italian composer, dies
1629 Heinrich Schutz:"Sinfoniae sacrae"
1630 Girolamo Frescobaldi:"Arie musicale"
1630 Johann Hermann, German composer, dies
1631 Philipp Dulchius, German composer, dies
1632 Jean Baptiste Lully, French - Italian composer,born
1632 Monteverdi takes holy orders
1633 Jacopo Peri, Italian composer and inventor of the recitative, dies
1634 Adam Krieger, German composer, born
1635 Frescobaldi:"Fiori musicali di toccate,"which influences J.S. Bach
1636 French theorist Marin Mersenne publishes his most important work, "Harmonie Universille," with full descriptions of all contemporary musical instruments
1636 Schutz:"Kleine geistliche Concerten" collection of motets
1637 Dietrich Buxtehude, Danish composer, born
1637 Teatro San Cassiano, first public opera house, opens in Venice, sponsored by the Tron family
1638 Monteverdi:"Eight Book of Madrigals"
1639 Marco Marazzoli and Vergilio Mazzochi:"Chi soffre, speri," first comic opera
1639 Monteverdi's opera,"Adone" given at Teatro San Cassiano, Venice
1640 John Bull, English composer, dies
1641 John Barnard:"First Booke of Selected Church Musick"
1641 Monteverdi:"Il Ritono d Ulisse in patria,"opera
1642 Marco da Gagliano, Italian composer, dies
1642 Monteverdi:"L'Incoronazione di Poppea," given at Europe's second public opera house, Teatro di Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
1643 Griolamo Frescobaldi, Italian composer dies
1643 Girolamo Frescobaldi, Italian composer, dies
1643 Claudio Monteverdi, Italian composer, dies
1643 Cavalli:"Egisto" opera
1644 Antonio Stradivari, Italian violin maker, born
1644 Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, German composer, born
1645 Lully made violinist at French court
1645 Mazarin call a Venetian opera company to Paris
1645 "La Finta Pazza" By Francesco Paolo Sacrati given as possibly the first opera in Paris
1645 Heinrich Schutz:"Die sieben Worte Chriti am Kruez" Oratorio
1646 Johann Stobaeus, German composer, dies
1646 Johann Theile, German singer and composer, born
1647 Pelham Humfrey, English composer, born
1648 Aria and recitative become two distinct entities in opera
1648 John Blow, English musician, born
1648 Heinrich Schutz:"Musicalia ad chorum sacrum"
1648 Johann Stadlmayr, German composer, dies
1649 Cavalli:"Giasome" opera
1649 Giuseppe Torelli, Italian composer, born
1650 Beginning of modern harmony; development of modulation
1650 Athanasius Kircher:"Musurgia universalis" theory
1650 The overture as musical form emerges in two types, Italian and French



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