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Year Event
1601 Caccini's new vocal style:"Nuove musiche"
1601 Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa:"Madrigals" to lyrics by Torquato Tasso
1601 Thomas Morley:"Triumphs of Oriana"
1602 Francesco Cavalli, Italian opera composer born
1602 Hans Leo Hassler:"Lustgarten" collection of German lieder
1603 Thomas Morley, English composer and theorist dies
1603 Jean Baptiste Besard:"Thesaurus harmonicus" collection of lute music
1603 Monteverdi:"Fourth Book of Madrigals"
1603 Thomas Robinson:"School of Musicke"
1604 Orfeo Vecchi, Italian composer, dies
1604 Heinrich Albert, German composer born
1604 Company of Musicians incorporated in London
1604 Orlando di Lasso:"Magnum opus musicum" 516 motet (posth.)
1604 Negri:"Inventioni di Balli" on dance technique
1605 Giacomo Carissimi, Italian composer, born
1605 Tomas Luis de Victoria:"Officium Defuntorum"
1605 John Dowland:"Lachrymae, or Seaven Teares in Seaven Passionate Pavans"
1605 Monterverdi:"Fifth book of Madrigals"
1606 Guillaume Costeley, French - Scottish composer, dies
1606 First open air operas in Rome
1607 William Byrd:"Gradualia"
1607 Claudio Monteverdi:"Orfeo," opera
1608 Girolamo Frescobaldi made organist at St. Peter's Rome
1608 Monteverdi:"Lamento d Arianna"
1609 Orlando Gibbons:"Fantazies of Three Parts," first example of engraved music in England
1609 Thomas Ravenscroft:"Pammelia," collection of rounds and catches
1610 Michael Preatorius "Musae sioniae" collection of 1244 church hymns
1610 Lodovico Grossi di Viadan:"Symphonies"
1611 William Byrd, John Bull, Orlando Gibbons:"Parthenia," collection of music of virginals
1611 Tomas Luis de Victoria, Spanish composer, dies
1611 Johannes Eccard, German composer, dies
1611 Thomas Ravenscroft:"Melismata," 21 madrigals and other pieces
1612 Giovanni Gabrieli, Italian composer, dies
1612 Orlando Gibbons:"First Set of Madrigals and Motets"
1612 Andreas Hammerschmidt, German Composer, born
1613 Bartolomaus Gese, German composer, dies
1613 Pietro Cerone:"El Malopeo y Maestro," musical history and theory
1613 Monteverdi made maestro di cappella at St. Mark's Venice.
1614 Girolamo Frecobaldi:"Toccate di Cembalo"
1614 Marco da Galiano: "Masses and Motets"
1614 Sir William Leighton:"Teares and Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soule," 54 psalms
1615 Andriano Banchieri founds Accademia dei Filomusi in Bologna
1616 Collegium Musicum founded at Prague
1616 Johann Jakob Froberger, German organist and composer, born
1617 Biagio Marini:"Musical Events," sonata for solo violin
1617 J.H. Schein:"Banchetto musicale," first dance suite
1617 Heinrich Schutz made Kapellmeister of electoral chapel, Dresden
1618 Guilio Caccini, Italian composer and singer dies
1619 "Fitzwilliam Virginal Book" Compiled by Francis Tregian; a treasury of early English keyboard music
1619 Marco da Galiano:"Medoro," Italian opera
1619 Heinrich Schutz:"Psalms"
1619 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: "Cantiones sacrae"
1620 Monteverdi:" Seventh book of Madrigals"
1620 Michael Praetorius:"Syntagma musicum," musical encyclopedia
1621 Michael Praetorius, German composer and musicologist dies
1621 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Dutch musician, dies
1623 William Byrd, English composer, dies
1623 Marc' Antonio Cesti, Italian composer, born
1624 Marco da Galiano:La Regina Sant' Orsola," opera-oratorio
1624 Monteverdi:"Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda"
1625 Orlando Gibbons, English musician, dies
1625 Famous Peal of Bells installed in the Gate of Salvation, Kremlin, Moscow
1625 Heinrich Schutz:"Cantiones sacrae"



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