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Year Event
1551 Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina made director of music at St Peter's Rome
1552 Johannes Cochlaeus, German musical theorist, dies
1553 Johann Eccard, German composer, born
1553 Luca Marencio, Italian composer, born
1553 The violin in its present form begins to develop
1554 Palestrina's first Book of Masses, dedicated to Pope Julius III
1555 Bartolomaus Gese, German composer, born
1556 Orlando di Lasso publishes his first book of motets
1557 Giovanni Gabrielli, Italian composer, born
1557 Thomas Morley, English composer and theorist born
1558 Gioseffo Zarlino, "Institutioni harmoniche" definitions of modern major scales and minor scales.
1559 Jachet da Mantova, French composer dies.
1560 Orlando di Lasso made court Kapellmeister in Munich
1561 Louis Bourgeois dies.
1561 Jacopo Peri, Italian composer, born
1562 Gasparo Bertolotti da Salo moves to Brescia to become first great Italian violin maker.
1562 John Bull, English organist and composer,born
1562 Jan Sweelinck, Dutch composer and organist, born.
1562 Adrian Willaert, Flemish composer, dies
1563 William Byrd made organist at Lincoln Cathedral
1564 One of Andrea Amati's first violins made
1564 Lodvico Grossi Viadana, Italian composer, born.
1565 Cyprien de Rore, Dutch composer dies
1565 Palestrina:"Missa Papae Marcelli"
1566 Richard Edwards, English composer and poet, dies.
1566 Antonio de Cabezon, Spanish composer, dies
1567 Waclaw of Szamotuli, Polish composer, dies
1568 William Whytbroke, English cleric and composer, dies
1569 Thomas Caustun, English composer dies
1570 Johann Walther dies.
1570 Earliest known music festival to honor St Cecilia, in Normandy
1570 Culminating point of vocal polyphonic a cappella style (Palestrina, Orlando di Lasso)
1571 Frecesco di Bernardo Corteccia dies.
1571 Andrea Gabrieli:"Canzoni alla Francese"
1571 Michael Praetorius, German composer and author, born
1572 William Byrd and Thomas Tallis organists at the Chapel Royal
1572 "Il Re" one of the earliest cellos by Andrea Amati of Cremona
1573 Orlando di Lasso:"Patrocinium musices"
1574 Domenico Maria Ferrabosco, Italian singer and composer dies
1575 William Byrd and Thomas Tallis:"Cantiones sacrae,"34 motets published
1575 Marco da Gagliano, Italian composer born
1576 Balint Bakfark dies.
1576 Tomas Luis Victoria:"Liber primus" masses and canticles
1577 Jakob Meiland, German composer, dies
1577 Mattheus Le Maistre, Walloon composer dies
1578 Andrea Amati, Italian violin maker, dies
1580 English folk tune "Greensleeves" mentioned for the first time
1580 Jan Sweelinck made organist at Dude Kerk, Amsterdam
1581 Coroso:"Il Ballerino," treatise on dance technique published
1581 "Ballet comique de la Reyne" by Balthazar de Beaujoyeux given at French court
1581 Vincenzo Galilei:"Dialogo della musica antica e moderna" published
1581 "Geuzenlied Boek," an anthology of Dutch songs, including nathional anthem "Wilhelmus van Nassauwe"
1582 Gregorio Allegri, Italian tenor singer and composer born
1583 Ihan Gero, Flemish Composer, dies.
1583 Girolamo Frescobaldi, Italian organist and composer born
1583 Orlando Gibbons, English organist and composer, born
1584 Pietro Vinci, Italian composer dies
1585 Heinrich Schutz, German composer, born
1585 Thomas Tallis, English composer, dies
1586 Johann Hermann Schein, German composer born
1587 Monterverdi:first book of Madrigals published
1587 Samuel Scheidt, German organist and composer born
1587 Zeminoth Israel publishes an early collection of Jewish songs
1588 William Byrd:"Psalms Sonets and songs of sadnes and Pietie"
1588 Nicholas Yonge"Musica Transalpina", 57 madrigals published in London
1589 Thoinot Arbeau publishes "Orchesographie" ealry treatise on dancing with several dance tunes
1589 William Byrd:"Songes of Sundrie Natures"
1590 Emilio de' Cavalieri:"Il Satiro",Pastoral fable
1591 Vincenzo Galilei, Italian lutanist and composer, father of Galileo Galilei, dies
1591 Lodovico Zacconi:"Prattica di musica" original addition
1592 Monteverdi publishes third book of madrigals
1593 Paolo Agostini, Italian composer, born
1594 Elizabeth I sends a Thomas Dallam organ to the sultan of Turkey
1594 Orlando di Lasso, Flemish composer, dies
1594 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Italian composer, dies
1594 "Dafne" by Jacopo Peri, first opera.
1595 John Wilson, English singer and composer, born
1596 Giaches de Wert, Dutch composer, dies
1596 Nicola Amati, the eminant of all the Amati family is born
1596 Lodovico Zacconi:"Practtica di musica,"reprinted from the original edition
1597 Elias Nikolaus Ammerbach German composer and organist dies
1597 John Dowland:"First Book of Songes"
1597 Thomas Morley:"A Plaine and Easie Introduction fo Practicall Musick"
1597 Orazio Vecchi "L'Amfiparnasso," Modena
1598 Johann Cruger, German composer, born
1599 Luca Marencio, Italian composer, dies
1600 Giulio Caccini:"Euridice," opera
1600 Sethus Calvisius begins his "Exercitationes musicae duae," first history of music (finished in 1611)
1600 Emilio de Cavelieri's opera "La Rappresentazione di anima e di corpo" published
1600 Harps first added to orchestras
1600 Thomas Morley:"First book of Ayres"
1600 Jacopo Peri:"Euridice" opera
1600 Recorder (also known as flute-a bec) becomes popular in England



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