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Year Event
1502 First Book of Masses by Josquin des Pres published by Ottaviano de Petrucci.
1504 Francesco di Bernardo Corteccia, Italian organist and composer born.
1505 Jakob Obrecht, Dutch composer, dies.
1505 Thomas Tallis, English composer, born.
1505 Matheus Le Maistre, Walloon composer born
1506 Alexander Agricola, Flemish composer, dies.
1507 Balint Bakfark, Hungarian - Polish composer and lutanist, born.
1510 Louis Bourgeois, French musician, born.
1511 Johannes de Tintoris dies.
1511 Arnolt Schlick:"Speigel der Orgelmacher und Organisten on organ building and playing.
1512 Second Book of Masses by Josquin des Pres.
1512 Erhart Deglin, music printer of Augsburg, publishes the "Liederbuch zu vier Stimmen"
1513 Domenico Ferrabosco, Italian singer and composer, born.
1514 Gasper van Weerbecke, Flemish composer, dies.
1516 Cyprien de Rore, Dutch composer, born.
1516 Josquin des Pres; Third book of Masses
1516 Engraving of music on plates used for the first time in Italy
1517 Heinrich Isaak, German Dutch composer, dies.
1517 Ludwig Senfl made court composer to Emperor Maximillian I in Isaak's place.
1518 Ihan Gero, Flemish composer born
1520 Vincenzo Galilei, Italian lutanist and composer, father of the great astronomer Galileo Galilei, born.
1521 Josquin des Pres, Dutch composer, dies.
1522 Franchino Gafori dies.
1522 Richard Edwards, English composer and poet, born.
1523 Hans Judenkunig of Vienna publishes firrst manual of lute playing.
1524 Johann Walther produces in collaboration with Martin Luther the hymnal "Geystlich Gesangk-Buchleyn".
1525 Giovanni Pierluigi da Pelestrina, Italian composer, is born.
1526 Hans Judenkunig, Austrian lutanist and composer, dies.
1527 Flemish composer Adrian Willaert made maestro di capella at St. Mark's, Venice
1528 Martin Agricola "Eyn kurtz deudsche Musica" published.
1529 Bartolommeo Spontone, Italian, Madrigal composer born
1530 Elias Nikolaus Ammerbach German organist and composer born
1530 Andrea Amati, founder of the Italian family of violin makers, born
1531 Guillaume Costeley, French - Scottish composer, born
1532 Orlando di Lasso, Dutch composer, born
1533 First Madrigals by Phillippe Jacques Verdelot, Arcadelt and others printed in Rome
1533 Johannes Ott, German printer:"121 neue Lieder,von Berumbten dieser Kunst Gesetzt" published at Nuremberg
1534 Fernando Las Infantas, Spanish composer and theologian, born (death approx 1609)
1535 Giaches de Wert, Dutch composer, born
1535 Pietro Vinci, Italian composer, born
1536 Heinrich Finck's collection of songs "Schone auserlesene Lieder" published five years after his death
1536 First song book with lute accompaniment printed in Spain
1537 First conservatories of music are founded in Naples for boys, in Venice for girls
1537 Paul Hofhaimer, Austrian organist and composer dies
1539 Georg Foster publishes "Frische teutsche Liedlein" a group of secular songs
1540 Orfeo Vecchi, Italian composer, born
1541 Wulfard Hellinck, Flemish composer dies
1542 Jakob Meiland, German composer, born
1543 Wiliam Byrd, English composer, born
1543 Ludwig Senfl, German composer, dies
1544 Benedictus Ducis, German composer, dies
1545 John Taverner, English composer, dies
1547 Swiss Musical theorist, Henricus Glareanus publishes his work on the 12 church modes,"dodekachordon"
1547 Louis Bourgois:Psalter
1548 Tomas Luis de Victoria, Spanish church composer, born.
1550 Guilio Caccini, Italian composer and singer, born.
1550 John Marbeck:" the Booke of Common Praier noted", first musical setting of English liturgy



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