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 Year   Event  
1000 Musical notation improved by Guido d’Arrezo.
1008 Berno, Abbot of Reichenau writes his books on musical theory.
1015 Sight singing introduced at Pomposa Monastery near Ravenna.
1026 Guido D’Arrezo introduces solmization in music. (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la)
1041 Magister Franco first music critic.
1050 Guido d’Arezzo dies.
1050 Polyphonic singing replaces Gregorian chant.
1050 Oldest surviving German Christmas carol “sys willekommen heirre kerst”
1050 The harp arrives in Europe.
1050 Time values given to musical notation.
1065 Wilhelm von Hirsau German Benedictine monk writes manuels on musical theory.
1100 Beginnings of secular music
1100 Music school of St. Martial at Limoges develops polyphonic style.
1125 Beginning of troubadour and trouvere music in France
1150 Troubadour music in southern France becomes organized
1150 New dance forms begin to appear in France and Germany
1151 Leoninus, French composer begins to work in the “Ars antigua” style.
1152 “Ladies’ strophe” the earliest German “ Minnelieder.
1157 Kurenberg, the first famous German minnesinger is born
1200 “Faux bourdon” style begins in English music.
1200 Professional bards begin to appear in Ireland.
1200 Cymbals introduced as musical instrument.
1200 “Carmina Burana” German collection of Latin monastic songs.
1220 Boy’s Choir at Kreuz-Kirche, Dresden founded.
1225 “ Summer is icumen in,” probably the earliest English round.
1238 Adam de la Halle, French composer of musical plays is born.
1250 Beginnings of choral Passion
1250 The “Portatio” a portable small organ is invented.
1250 Master Perotinus becomes the main representative of the French “Ars Antigua”
1260 The first mastersinger school is started in Mainz.
1262 Adam de la Halle writes”LeJeu de la Feuillee.” first French “Operette”.
1265 Franco of Cologne and Pierre de la Croix develop the musical form of the motet.
1270 Giovanni da Cascia, Italian composer born.
1285 Adam de la Halle composes “Jeu de Robin et Marion”.
1287 Adam de la Halle dies.
1289 Jean de Muris, French composer is born.
1290 Phillipe de Vitry, French composer born.
1300 The “Jongleurs” professional musical entertainers in France.
1300 Guillaume de Machaut, French composer, born.


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